The Danish Media Association:

In a democratic society, the media functions as the citizen’s most important source of information. The Danish Media Association is an industry organisation for private Danish media. We fight for the journalistically edited media, freedom of expression, the free independent press and healthy framework conditions for the media sector.

In the Danish Media Association, we are behind almost 300 media companies, which share the common belief that they want to provide citizens with information, insight, background and news. These include regional newspapers, local newspapers and local radio stations, all supplying information and with their fingers on the pulse in relation to what is happening in the community. It is trade magazines and special media, delivering unique information on subject-specific areas. It is magazines with focus on subjects such as knowledge and lifestyle. And it is nationwide newspapers and online media that put large and small agendas, from home and abroad, into perspective.

At the Danish Media Association, we advise and support each individual member company in their everyday lives. We negotiate, we advise and provide legal support in all matters relevant for a media group and its commercial freedom of expression.

We collect, analyse and communicate facts and figures that form the basis for our member companies’ daily business. For example, in the form of readership numbers and numbers of listeners, overall trends or trade specific insight.

We offer a broad range of arrangements and training relevant for managers and employees in the media industry. We believe that journalistically edited media is a decisive prerequisite for a healthy and diverse democracy and society. That is why we each day work to ensure our members and the industry with the best possible conditions for providing informative journalism.

The Annual gathering of the Danish Media Association
On 7th May 2019, the Danish Media Association will hold the annual gathering of the Danish Media Association. In connection with this event, the Danish Media Association has inserted an advertisement in The Washington Post, in which the association invites Mark Zuckerberg to Denmark and the Media Annual Event on 7th May. The Danish Media Association wishes to discuss the importance of the media for democracy with Mark Zuckerberg. Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian and Carl Bernstein, the former Washington Post reporter will also be speaking at the conference. Press release is attached. The attached PDF of the advertisement placed in the Washington Post is free to use.

On Tuesday 2nd April, the Danish Media Association launched the campaign “Several Sides,” which focuses on the importance of the media for society and the difference between social platforms and journalistically edited media.